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Top Holiday Business Ideas for this Season

Top Holiday Business Ideas for this Season

There are many holiday business ideas you can start this season. A holiday business will ensure you make some additional cash that can help you start the new year right. A holiday business can be a good option for those who lost work due to the pandemic. The uncertainty of the pandemic has opened up many novel needs, including challenges related to celebrating the holidays safely. A small business can be an effective way to introduce creative solutions to issues consumers are currently facing. 

Below are some holiday business ideas you can start right at the comfort of your home.

Home Decorator

Top on our list of holiday business ideas is becoming a home decorator. Holiday budgets that used to be spent on travel are now being used toward celebrating the festivities at home. According to a retail survey from Deloitte, spending on travel is down 34% year-over-year.  Meanwhile non-gift items such as home furnishings and seasonal decor are on the rise, up 12% from 2019.  

This could be an opportunity for offering your services as a home decorator, helping people to get their houses ready for the festivities. 

You could go into clients’ homes and do the decorating for them, while taking precautions to stay safe, of course. Another potential business is to offer holiday decorating tips remotely. You could do individual Zoom sessions with customers offering suggestions specific to their home.  You could even host remote classes giving advice for adding holiday touches to the home or making festive floral arrangements. 

Virtual Party Planner

Second on our list of top holiday business ideas is becoming a virtual party planner. As travel is limited due to the pandemic, you can help families coordinate fun virtual get-togethers. As a virtual party planner, you could suggest different ways to make holiday video calls special. Maybe there are games for remote families to play, or you could book a virtual entertainer. 

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Perhaps each household could receive a basket of goodies that they all open at the same time on the call. Your business would be to help people organize and find different ways to promote a sense of togetherness during the holidays, while staying apart. 

Homemade Crafts and Gift Baskets

Another one of our DIY holiday business ideas is to sell your creations online as holiday gifts. You could also choose to focus on more festive options like selling homemade stockings, wrapping paper, or wreaths. 

Another potential idea is to start a business assembling gift baskets. You could offer varying types of gift baskets centred on different themes. Themes such as homemade items, locally sourced goods, or holiday treats would work perfectly.

Delivery Service

This one is quite simple. Nearly 51% of holiday shoppers feel anxious about shopping in-store. According to Deloitte, shoppers are opting for contactless shopping experiences. 73% are planning to have items delivered, marking a notable increase from 62% last year. In addition, the preference for curb side pickup has more than doubled year-over-year. 

This is a brilliant holiday business idea. You could start a business picking up and delivering people’s holiday goods to them. Beyond just gifts, people need all sorts of things during the festive season. Consider expanding your services to include wreath and Christmas tree deliveries.

Custom Catering Service

The last one of our top holiday business ideas on our list is to offer catering services. If you’re the go-to person at parties to bring the most delicious cupcakes or the most creative charcuterie spread, consider turning your talent and tools into a holiday business. If you have the necessary kitchen equipment and enough fridge space for food prep, consider marketing your menus and expertise for around $13 an hour. Your state might require you to get a license, so be sure to check your county’s health department regulations on catering.

We hope one or two ideas on our list of top holiday business ideas appeal to you. We also hope that you’re able to make some extra cash for the New Year celebrations.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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