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How to Design Your Own Product

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The best part of creating products is that you may not need to carry any inventory. With print-on-demand technology, Each product sold is fulfilled. Print-on-demand technology is a revolutionary kind of fulfillment service that prints products as you need them. Afterwhich, the goods are shipped to your customers directly. Here’s how you can design your own product.

Identify a Need

The difference between failed products and hot-sellers is a need. As an aspiring entrepreneur and innovator, your goal is to create something that people don’t even know they need. What’s missing from the marketplace? What do people want?

Keep an idea notebook with you at all times. Also, keep track of times you’re frustrated with something small. These are the times inspiration strikes. What simple product might address your need? Based on this you can up with an idea that you can translate into a product.

Browse product catalogs. 

Browse catalogs

Pick a product you’d like to design. Take a look through the catalogs these suppliers offer and find a product that resonates with you. Gooten is perfect for printable yoga mats for example. If you’re a hiker looking to design a pack to take to the mountains, turn to Teelaunch for a backpack you can customize.

There are a number of print-on-demand services available today. These include Gooten, Teelaunch, Printful, Voodoo Manufacturing, and Printify. A quick Google search will lead you in the right direction.

There are thousands of products available at your fingertips. From Printful mugs to Voodoo Manufacturing cookie cutters, there are a broad array of products to suit any print-on-demand need. 

Find a quality designer. 

Get a Quality Designer

You can get help from talented individuals from around the globe to make my product dreams come true. From Upwork to Fiverr to Dribbble, there are a number of freelancer marketplaces available to source great design talent.

What I recommend is contracting three to five designers to see what style and aesthetic best suites the brand you are trying to build. Do a trial project with each of them to get a few different ideas. 

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Test Your Product

Testing Products

Use the product yourself. Since you’re the one with the idea for the product in the first place, you’ll be the first line of testing. Try out your product on your own and see how it works. Keep track of little frustrations, elements of the product in need of tweaking, and spend a good deal of time using and thinking about the product you’re testing.

Developing Your Product

Once you are pleased with the test result, then, go ahead with product development. If you are happy with a design, you can upload the PNG files to a print-on-demand site. Then, using a site like Envato or PlaceIt, purchase realistic-looking mock-ups to help you with product listing. 

It is important to continue evaluating the product whilst innovating it. Its never enough to develop a product or service. It`s also additionally essential to find ways of improving it or coming up with better features.

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