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Tips For A Socially Distanced Wedding

Socially distanced wedding

For some people, getting married this year has sadly been impacted by the pandemic. However, they have a few choices. Either continue to get married with a socially distanced wedding ceremony or postpone your wedding to a later date. Going ahead with the original plans implies that a few adjustments are made. To fit in with current safety regulations and guidelines.

Cut Down Your Guest List

Consider a smaller guest list

There are certain rules in place for how many people are allowed at a wedding venue. This implies that you’re most likely going to need to cut down your guest list dramatically. Consider making it a much more personal affair with just close family and friends attending. Plan a future party or event to properly celebrate with everyone when you’re able to.

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Consider A Smaller, More Intimate Venue

Consider A Smaller, More Intimate Venue

You may have had dreams of a big, fancy wedding, but if you’re wanting to continue during the current climate, you’ll have to wave goodbye to this. This isn’t necessarily bad news, though. Consider having a backyard wedding for a more laid back, intimate vibe. You can still make it super personal to you and your partner, and it may also mean you will save a lot of money.

Live Stream Your Ceremony To Share With Friends and Family

Live Stream Your Ceremony To Share With Friends and Family

Thanks to modern technology, cutting down your guest list doesn’t have to mean friends and family can’t witness your special day. Set up a live stream of your wedding using Zoom or Skype to help share the moment with your friends and family. Many couples tend to set this up themselves. However, if you required a helping hand, there are lots of professional wedding services that will get this sorted for you.

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