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Things to consider when planning for a perfect beach vacation


We all love to vacation at the beach, basking under the sun while sipping a refreshing drink. Proper preparation can make a huge difference between having the perfect beach vacation and a miserable one. You will never know what unexpected things will happen anytime and anywhere, and one thing to avoid is by preparing. This guide will help you with some things you should consider when planning for your most awaited beach getaway. Follow these tips to ensure that you will have an amazing time with the sea, sun, and sand. 

Decide on a travel budget

Decide on a travel budget

Don’t be a one day millionaire and spend all of your money on your holiday. You should set a travel budget based on how much you can afford. List down a budget for accommodation, meals, activities, and shopping, figure out your limit and work around it. This is to make sure that you have enough and will not be in a hard situation during your fun holiday. Write down all of the possible expenses. Remember that holidays should make you feel better and not stressed about your finances.

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Choose the right accommodation 

Airbnb always works

Yes, you plan on spending most of your time out in the sun. However, when you’re all tired and sunburnt, good accommodation will be a safe and comfortable haven for you. An ideal plan is a place where you can have a quiet time, but not too far away from where the action is. Look for a hotel which is a beachfront or walking distance to the beach if not. 

Costa Rica is one of the popular beach destinations and a perfect setting for everyone who wants to experience the beauty of the sea. As the satisfied guests from Vista Hermosa Estate claimed, there are plenty of accommodations that can cater to everyone, such as the beach villas that are perfect for families, romantic couples, or a group of friends. Check for the amenities that your accommodation can offer to make the most out of your holiday. This will be an added fun experience for you.

Plan indoor and outdoor activities

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity

As mentioned, you will never know what will happen during your trip, especially for unforeseeable circumstances like weather. Planning for any weather will be an advantage for you, and if the weather will not go as planned, at least you’re not going to be so disappointed. You can plan some water sports activities, bring snorkeling or diving gear, beach toys, and a beach ball. It will help you enjoy as much time you have out in the sun playing, building sandcastles, and swimming. If the weather didn’t go according to plan, bring books, portable travel games, cards, and even stationery, pen, and some art materials to keep you occupied while you’re inside. Though a good book and a music device will be suitable for both indoor or outdoor.

Pack right & light

Learn to pack right and light

This one of the most important things that can also make or break your vacation. Planning and packing in advance will ensure that you have everything you need upon arrival. You should remember that holiday places charge more than the regular store home, may it be sunscreen, glasses, or even an insect repellent. Make sure that you have everything you need, especially if you have medication or particular things needed. Although you might be tempted to bring a lot of things with you, remember that it might cause you more problems. The best thing to do is to create a list and strictly follow it. A properly packed luggage will bring you stress and hassle-free vacation.

A perfect beach vacation will still depend upon you. However, these things mentioned above will certainly make a huge difference in it. By following this you can make sure that your vacation will be easier, safer, and most importantly, enjoyable. Lastly, bring your swimsuit and cheerfulness to complete your perfect beach getaway.

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