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The Kings World | Duel of Shades – Review

The Kings World | Duel of Shades – Review

The Kings World Duel of Shades is a fantasy movie, a bit unusual in this movie genre.

Watching this unique production is quite the journey. The storyline is quite mirky but intense too. I found myself using it as a mirror; to reflect upon the current societal occurrences. With the purpose of picking learnings that are relatable to the present day.

Once an innocent boy, Saul is cursed with a dark force. Only to learn that it was not his choice. Bound and blinded by the darkness of the unwanted entity he had no control over. Saul gains quite the wisdom on this journey to break free from this destructive pattern he is entangled in

The atmosphere is solemn, with sincerity and a need for restoration. The issues of spiritual and psychological efforts to stay afloat in an already clouded environment are at the center stage. It is a society that has darkness looming over it; where there is a constant battle to make it through each day.

You can watch the full movie here

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In the midst of all this, hope and faith stand out. It is a message so loud and clear! That is whenever the characters in their pursuit of freedom from the darkness that looms over them are faced with fear and doubt. That their pursuit to bring restoration for themselves and the rest of humankind is not in vain.

Overall, this visual style of delivery is unusual. Also for one to watch the movie, there is a need to pay attention in order to follow the story and keep up with it. The sound too at some point is unclear. This made it quite difficult to pick up the words in the movie.

The Kings World Duel of Shades is a great movie to watch with maximum attention. As it may come off as boring for the first few minutes. But, again, there is no fun in judging a book by its cover!


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