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The Best Workout Apps For You to Check Out.


The best workout apps turn your smartphone into an essential piece of exercise equipment, especially if most of your workouts are taking place outside the gym these days.

No matter what your workout routine involves — cycling on one of the best exercise bikes, running on the best treadmills, strength training with the best home gym equipment, or some other form of fitness — you’ll find a great workout partner here to help you meet your exercise goals. Some apps even sync data to some of the best fitness trackers, so you can chart your progress.

Here are the best workout apps you can download today.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach (Android, iOS: Free)

The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach apps is all about eyes-free, hands-free audio coaching. Providing users with a rich array of guided workouts for a variety of fitness levels and intensities that adapt based on your performance. You can check out a wide array of workout packages and coaches.The app also plays well with a variety of fitness trackers and devices. Allowing you to keep track of your performance and share metrics with other fitness apps.

Download PEAR Personal Fitness Coach: Android, iOS

Fitbit Coach (Android, iOS:)

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Fitbit makes some of the best fitness trackers — we can help you find the best Fitbit if that’s what you’re looking for — so adding Fitbit Coach to your smartphone may help you get even more out of your wearable. Fitbit Coach uses the daily activity logged by your fitness tracker to recommend workouts and activities. 

These are dynamic workouts that adjust not only to what you’ve done, but your fitness goals and feedback. Tell the app the workout was pretty easy, for example, and you can expect a bigger challenge next time.

The good news is that Fitbit Coach offers hundreds of routines so there’s bound to be a workout in there for you. You will have to pay for the privilege, as Fitbit Coach requires a subscription — either $7.99 a month or $39.99 annually.

Download Fitbit Coach: Android, iOS

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Workout Trainer (Android, iOS: Free)

Skimble’s Workout Trainer app offers exercises and training routines for total newbies and gym veterans alike. A simple questionnaire measuring your physical fitness helds generate recommended exercises and workout plans personalized to your fitness goals. Notifications, reminders and streak and stat tracking help keep you focused; users can even hire one-on-one trainers with different fitness specialties. 

While it’s one of the best workout apps just based on those features, Workout Trainer also includes a premium subscription tier starting at $6.99 per month. Your paid subscription features expanded access to more than 100 different workout programs, the ability to customize your workouts and exercises, and extras like wearable fitness tracker integration.

Download Workout Trainer: Android, iOS

Peloton — at home fitness (Android, iOS)

(Image credit: Peloton)

Forget about buying one of those fancy stationary bikes to get fit. You can still reap the benefits of Peloton’s approach to fitness with Peloton — at home fitness. It’s free to download, and you can enjoy a 30-day trial to sample the live and on-demand classes to help you with running, cycling and strength exercises. (If you do own one of those Peloton bikes, your membership is free.) Peloton offers guided workouts in everything from yoga to cardio to stretching.

A recent update to the Peloton app brought a feature called Tags that allows you to take part in group workouts. Joining a tag brings workout recommendations and lets you see which of your friends are working out so that you can motivate one another to stay fit.

Download Peloton Digital: Android, iOS

5. Fit Radio (Android, iOS)

Is your regular workout playlist sounding a bit stale? Fit Radio is here to help, generating new playlists for each workout that keep you moving. And it’s not just about the music — a coaching tab mixes encouragement with the music so that you can push yourself to meet your fitness goals.

Fit Radio serves a number of different workout styles from high-intensity interval training to ellipticals and bike rides. You can even vary your workout tunes to whether you’re running outside, on a treadmill, or just going for a walk. 

You can try out Fit Radio for 7 days for free. After that, it’s $9.99/month, though discounted rates are available if you sign up for quarterly and annual plans.

Download Fit Radio: Android, iOS

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