Friday, July 30, 2021

Pieces of a Woman: Vanessa Kirby Shines in Grief Netflix Movie


Vanessa Kirby delivers an outstanding performance in Pieces of a Woman. In fact, her performance is so superb that it swallows this otherwise uneven and frustratingly thin movie.

It’s an optimistic start as Kirby’s character, Martha, bids her office co-workers farewell. This is just before she embarks on maternity leave; her husband Sean (Shia LaBeouf) is doing the same at his job, at the construction site on a Boston bridge.

Immediately the midwife is called as soon as Martha goes into labour. Meanwhile, preparations for this exciting event are underway. The replacement for the midwife named Eva (Molly Parker) arrives, and the anticipation starts to build up. We now realise that the couple intends to have a home birth… Pieces of a Woman highlights the birth of Martha and Sean’s daughter. With a mind-blowing intimacy, following all the action and pain leading up to childbirth — which, keeps you on the edge.

The passing on of the little one shortly after she is born is mind wrecking. Also, very unbearable. From here on, the big question is, how they will move on past this unfortunate loss…

Without a doubt, the couple grows apart…

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Pieces of a Woman isn’t a film with lots of fights or confrontations – and yet, we feel every pinch, like Martha and Sean.

On the whole, the opening of the movie is either something you must see because of how skillfully it is executed, or something you must avoid because of how realistically brutal it is. Especially if you are a new parent or expecting a child. Pieces of a Woman is ultimately an embodiment of both praise and controversy. I had mixed feelings at the movie end. The suspense was brutal!

I am trying my best not to leave any spoliers here but Pieces of a Woman is a movie worth watching. The cinematography is great and indulging.

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