Thursday, July 29, 2021

Parler Social Media Tops Charts in Wake of Trump Defeat

Parler Social Media Tops Charts in Wake of Trump Defeat

Parler social media, an alternative to Twitter has become the most-downloaded app in the United States. This comes as conservatives flock to the self-styled “free speech” app after the US election.

It follows a clampdown on the spread of election misinformation by Twitter and Facebook in recent days.

Owner of the Parler social media app Dan Bongino said the service was adding “thousands to users per minute” on Sunday.

However, the sudden boom on the Parler social media app also caused technical issues for users. Some problems includes registering and a slowdown of the app as its servers attempted to deal with the influx.

Parler founder John Matze said the app had added two million new users in a day. Also, the social media app increased its daily active users four-fold over the weekend.

While Mr Trump himself is not a user, the platform already features several high-profile contributors following earlier bursts of growth this year.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz boasts 2.6 million followers on the platform. Meanwhile, Fox News hosts Mark Levin and Sean Hannity each have more than two million.

What is the Parler Social Media App?

The Parler social media app launched in 2018. Since it began, it has proved particularly popular among Trump supporters and right-wing conservatives. Such groups have frequently accused Twitter and Facebook of unfairly censoring their views.

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It is one of a handful of start-up social networks trying to appeal to disgruntled users of the biggest platforms.

Mr Trump has been among Twitter’s most vocal critics and has seen many of his tweets hidden and labelled as misleading during the election period.

Named after the French verb “to speak”, the app has very similar functions to Twitter. Posts can be replied to with comments, “echoed” in a way similar to retweeting, and upvoted instead of liked.

Founders of the Parler social media app says it keeps bans to an “absolute minimum” and does not fact-check posts.

Parler does, however, ban some things, including pornography, threats of violence, and support for terrorism.

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