Thursday, July 29, 2021

Netflix ‘Love, Guaranteed’ Review – Online Dating Is a pain

Netflix brings us another romantic-comedy Love Guaranteed, starring Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr. Cook plays Susan, an attorney for the people, and Wayans plays Nick, an individual who’s been on a thousand dates using a dating site, Love Guaranteed.

Nick sues the corporate, Love Guaranteed, for lying and taking advantage of its users. Susan is initially suspicious of Nick, believing that he is a money hungry guy trying to get a payday from a billion-dollar company. That is, until she tries the service for herself. After a couple of dates, Susan experiences the horrors of online dating and agrees to take on the case. This also brings Susan and Nick closer and more connected. The performance of the main characters is remarkable.

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Rachel Leigh Cook’s performance as Susan is infallible. She is additionally very relatable and appears to be a strong go-getter with an amusing attachment to her car. In launching her own practice, Susan’s gone without life`s comforts some women enjoy. Susan’s fridge is packed with food from the nearby Chinese restaurant. Her sister Melanie (Caitlin Howden), her next-door neighbor, is married with kids and a bustling home.

There`s Daman Wayans Jr., Nick, who is just too earnest, capable, confident. He passes for just the perfect guy. It’s almost annoying how he has been on 1,000 dates and is still single. This is equally an amusing thing. Wayans goes big in most of his on-screen performances, it is an honest change of pace that shows his range.

Netflix ‘Love, Guaranteed’

Susan and Nick’s chemistry, has you wondering how soon they will end up together! Perfectly supporting one another in all ways, therefore, creating an amazing bond. Nick and Susan understand one another. They appear to genuinely support one another. The rate at which Susan and Nick end up together is interesting but, seems a bit rushed.

Love Guaranteed, is a hilariously interesting romantic comedy that has you promptly gunning for the main characters to get together. Rachel Leigh Cook and Daman Wayans Jr. are amazingly likable characters. They have an apparent authentic connection. Their chemistry is undeniably great for the film. The film additionally does an incredible job of capturing the unconventionality of internet dating.

It is a likeable and decent movie to watch from Netflix.

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