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Holidate Movie Review; Netflix romcom fails to Deliver Christmas cheer

Holidate Netflix Movie Review

Christmas films always bring a special dose of holiday cheer to us every year. This year, the Netflix release Holidate does just that! With a love-hate tale starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in the lead.

The film opens into the borderline pathetic lives of Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson (Bracey). Who try their best to survive the prolonged period of winter events without feeling worse about their lives. Sloane finds herself lonely in a claustrophobic and overly enthusiastic family. Which consists of a pushy mother, an always pitying sister, a younger brother happily (and quickly) settling into married life. Then, there`s a feisty aunt who manages to find herself a date for the end-of-year festivities.

Every rom-com has to have a meet-cute,. Here, the leads find each other in line to return Christmas gifts at the mall. The mall plays a very big part in this story. The guy is an Aussie golf pro named Jackson (Luke Bracey). He proposes the idea of being each other’s no-sex, no-romance holiday buddies.

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The next holiday coming up, of course, is New Year’s Eve, and after initially saying no, Sloane agrees. He assures her he is not attracted to her, so there will be no problem. And they tell everyone about the holidate agreement.

Thus undermining the whole thing, but nothing in this movie makes sense, so who cares. Every rom-com has to have an apology, preferably humiliating and in public. In this movie, is one long and rambling apology towards the end.

But far worse than these characters’ grating personalities are the regressive strains underpinning their flirtation. Jackson vetoes casual sex with Sloane because girls get clingy. Since they are hard-wired to attach and procreate. At the same time, Sloane’s crew belabors their belief that gals need a guy to survive. How many gatherings will it take before these reluctant beaus admit to their affection? Better to bail early.

“Holidate” does not have a single authentic moment, appealing character, or genuine laugh. It’s a would-be romantic comedy with neither romance nor comedy. An excruciating onslaught of unremittingly dull incidents slogging its way toward an utterly predictable conclusion.

Running time: 1 hour 43 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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