Friday, July 30, 2021

Christmas Vacation Road Trip Ideas for Families

Christmas Vacation

Want to pack everyone in the car for a family holiday away from home? Depending on where you live, these state-by-state holiday road trip vacation ideas cater to COVID-19 restrictions. Here are ideas for Christmas travel

The safest thing to do is stay home this holiday season according to the latest findings. But if you feel the need to travel, road trips and driving vacations are the safest way to do it. And families are following the recommendations, with most likely to drive instead of fly on their next trip.

Visit a Theme Park

For full “Lights, Santa, Action” Christmas cheer it’s hard to beat the theme parks for holiday magic made real. And many of the most popular parks are shining bright this Christmas while still taking full COVID-19 precautions. Families will still be dazzled and connect together, but in ways, they feel comfortable and safe.

Get Off the Beaten Path

One way to avoid crowds is to explore destinations slightly off the main tourist paths. This is one of the most refreshing ideas you can take on for Christmas travel! You`ll have the opportunity to discover new sites and enjoy them too.

Quick Hops from City Centers

You may be surprised how much the scenery changes, the stress drips away, and the holiday season glows with a road trip of 3 hours or less from major cities.

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Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

  • Book a vacation rental. Consider reserving aparthotels, extended stay hotels, and alternative accommodations like condos and vacation rentals, recommends Melissa Dohmen, senior brand manager at Travelocity. “These accommodation types have increased in popularity since the start of COVID-19 as many families opt to cook meals (and look for) social distanced accommodations such as cabins, lodges and inns.”
  • Plan to be outdoors. The safest activities and interactions are held outdoors according to the CDC. While we love a good snowball fight and cup of cocoa, we’re not super stoked about winter camping in the snow with the kids. That’s okay, says Campspot, a booking site for camping, glamping, and RVs. There are plenty of sites in warmer climates, including near the national parks in spots like Arizona near the Grand Canyon and in sunny Florida and California. Campgrounds usually deck out with trees and lights for the holidays. Of course you can roast festive s’mores around the campfire while you wait for Santa to arrive.
  • Hit the road. The safest way to travel right now is by car according to our experts. Consider bringing your own snacks, groceries, and beverages to limit stops on the road trip. And pack masks and hand sanitizer, plus sanitizing wipes for times when you need to use public restrooms. “Seek out and support local businesses and providers and be sure to do research in advance to know what guidelines and safety and cleaning practices are in place,” suggests Dohmen.
  • Do your homework. Check with local destinations about COVID-19 safety precautions and protocols and the CDC’s latest recommendations. Also consider what the levels of COVID-19 are at your destination. “If community levels are high or if they’ve instituted a shelter in place order, that’s a sign that levels are too high to risk and that you may want to stay home.” Many destinations also have requirements and restrictions on who can travel there, so do your research. And of course consult the CDC’s latest travel guidelines, says Dr. Sarin, wear a mask while traveling, and bring sanitation supplies.

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