Thursday, July 29, 2021

Blood of Zeus: An Intense Anime From Netflix

Blood of Zeus

The Netflix series Blood of Zeus is a captivating eight-episode, modern rendition of a traditional Greek Myth. The characters, the storyline, and arrangement are some of the best I have seen in Anime series. Of course, it’s not entirely perfect, but it is gripping and fascinating. 

Greek mythology has always been a fascinating subject. And Netflix serves us with a dark and twisted fantasy on the subject of Greek gods. The result of this attempt is something that works beautifully. Instantly pulling you into this alternate history world. In as much as Blood Of Zeus distorts the foundations slightly. They produce something both instantly recognizable and wholly original too.

The first couple of episodes highlight a demonic army that has risen. It’s up to Alexia and her armies to extinguish this threat. It later becomes evident that the young Heron is quite the fighter especially when a demon causes a stir in their town.

Then, there are the mind-blowing political schisms of the gods that take centre stage too. Thereby, acting as the catalyst as to how events play out during the entire season. These gods are constantly scheming and using each other as pawns. This only means trouble for the poor humans that suffer the consequences. Because as the saying, when the elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.

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Zeus is the god that just can’t seem to be able to keep it in his pants! Now, this concept of gods that have weaknesses is rather considerably very intriguing. Because Zeus’s wife resents him because of his infidelity. She then opts to work with Seraphim in a bid to punish Zeus. He had made it a custom to rub the other gods the wrong way by bringing bastards to Olympus.

The action scenes are epic! All beautifully animated and each different from the other. The character designs in Blood of Zeus look are also outstanding. With the characters—particularly Heron—looking like he straight from artifacts. There is also a variety of skin tones put to use in the series in the characters.

This one one TV show you will watch and be intrigued at the same time. With great characters, massive set pieces, and enough twists and turns to keep audiences on their toes.

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