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Best Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Business

Best Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Business

Are you looking for ways to grow your business this year? Are you also interested in determining the best social media platforms for to grow your business with?

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Great marketing on social media can generate remarkable results for your business. Thus, creating increased brand awareness and even driving leads and sales.

In this article, we will be looking at the best social media platforms for to grow your business for your consideration.


With over 2.5 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platform. To put that into perspective, that’s a third of the world’s entire population.

Therefore, every business should have a Facebook page. When used correctly, a Facebook page can be invaluable to a small business.

You can also use Facebook to share anything; from photos to important company updates. With a business account, the business has access to powerful advertising tools and in-depth analytics. These are helpful in determining marketing campaigns and product offers for the business.

Whether you sell men’s clothing or offering confectionery services, you’re sure to find your target audience on this social media platform. Facebook is one of the easiest social media platforms to grow your business


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where visitors can view, upload, rate, share and comment on content. Now owned by Google, the site is a huge hub for news and entertainment.

Many businesses on YouTube have a creative, visual or educational component. The platform is heavily creative in nature. Thus, it’s important for you to have a dedicated video editor producing content.

Even without having to spend extra money on advertising dollars, you can make your YouTube videos have higher search rankings. This can be done by including the searched keywords in your title, video description, and actual list of keywords in the keywords tool.

However, your business may not need a channel to market on the platform. There’s a subculture of YouTube influencers who publish frequent videos and often maintain large audiences. Often, businesses partner with YouTubers for product placement because these users already have engaged audiences. Using YouTube influencers can be an easier way of marketing your business on the platform. Since you don’t have to put in the time and effort of creating content and building a following, which can take years.


WhatsApp is a messaging application owned by Facebook. The platform has more than 1.6 billion users in over 180 countries around the world. WhatsApp originally just allowed users to communicate with their family and friends. However, today this social media platform also provides business opportunities.

In fact, it even has its own dedicated WhatsApp business app.

This app allows small businesses to set up a business profile on the platform. The same can then be used to provide customer support, communicate with customers, and even send customers updates about their purchases. A product catalogue can also be created in the app. Thus creating avenues for simplified business growth


Instagram is also incredibly popular, with around 1 billion active users in 2020. From Instagram Live to Instagram Stories, there is no shortage of tools businesses can use to promote their services and products on the site. Instagram is a visual platform based entirely on photo and video posts, so it’s best for businesses that have strong visual content to share.

It’s important to note that this platform is almost entirely mobile. You can’t take photos or create new posts on the desktop version. Regardless, the person running your account must have a good eye for detail. In addition to this, at least basic photography skills for the best quality content on the account.

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Snapchat is another mobile-only, visual social media network that’s known for its disappearing content. Users can send videos and photos to each other or post content to their public Stories, which disappear after 24 hours. The app has expanded to include chat, messaging, image storage, events, and media content. Now, content posted on Snapchat can easily be saved and uploaded elsewhere.

Because posts are temporary, there is less pressure to create super-polished content. You can also see how many and which specific users viewed your story. A small business will most likely utilize the platform’s Stories feature, but keep in mind that only users who have added you can view your Stories content. However, once you have an audience, Stories allows you to easily create story-driven and interactive content.


While Twitter is great for short updates, engaging with followers and sharing links to blog posts, it isn’t for every business. On Twitter, you can share short tweets (240 characters or fewer), videos, images, links, polls and more. It’s also easy to interact with your audience on this platform by mentioning users in your posts along with liking and retweeting tweets.

If you’re a highly visual business or you don’t have a strong brand voice, you may want to skip this social media network. However, many companies use this platform to handle customer service. Customers who are also active on the platform will seek out companies to express concerns or share praise.

If you have interesting content and can voice that content in an engaging way, Twitter is a great tool for quickly spreading the word. Hashtags help boost posts, and if a user with a lot of followers retweets you, your content could go viral. But with Twitter, it’s important to find balance. Don’t just share your links or media; make sure you are also sharing a lot of interesting, relevant content from other Twitter users.


This visually oriented platform allows users to save and display content by “pinning” digital bulletin boards, which can be organized by category. For example, a personal user might have a food board dedicated to pinning recipes, another board dedicated to photography, and so on. The platform also has a series of special types of pins called Rich Pins, which brands can use to add specific information to their pins, like product details and location maps. Every pin on Pinterest includes an image or video, making it a purely visual platform. As such, Pinterest is not the place for you to share information like your business hours

Pinterest is great for niche businesses, but it may not be for every company. Popular categories on the site are DIY projects, fashion, exercise, beauty, photography, and food. That’s not to say that businesses outside of these categories can’t succeed on the platform, but it does make Pinterest an especially good marketing tool for businesses in those areas.


WeChat began as a simple messaging application that has since grown into a fully-fledged social media site. This Chinese social media platform is most popular in its homeland and other parts of Asia. So if you’re planning to expand your business internationally, you might want to consider marketing on WeChat.

Especially as many top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube aren’t available within China. WeChat has tons of useful features too.

Other than messaging and calling, WeChat users can also use the social media site to shop online, transfer money, and make reservations. WeChat also has a powerful advertising solution similar to Facebook advertising.

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