Thursday, July 29, 2021

Apple’s rumored VR headset to feature 8K displays, could be priced around $3,000:


A lot of speculations and rumours have been reported about the virtual reality headset by Apple. The latest report not only offers a look into its price range but also an idea about how Apple VR Headsets might look like. As per a recent report by The Information, the device is expected to feature 8K displays and more than a dozen cameras. Also, the headset will be quite costly and its price can go as high as $3,000.

The portal says Apple is working on the mixed-reality headset. A person with direct knowledge of the device is quoted. The product is touted to come with ultra-high-resolution 8K display ability and eye-tracking technology. It is also expected to come with more than a dozen cameras. These will help capture the video of the real world and track the hand movements precisely.

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It goes on to refer to an older report by Bloomberg that spoke of the device being made of mesh fabric in place of plastic in order to make it lightweight. The headset has been designed to work as a standalone device. Which means it can operate on a cell. Instead of requiring support from any charging portal on the wall or a Mac. It was also reported that the Apple VR Headsets will include a fan and come with a powerful processor.

The inclusion of a massive processor, fan, and lightweight fabric. All point to a high-end price range and the report suggests it to be around $3,000.

The portal also shared a rendering of the Apple headset, which is reportedly based on the “internal Apple images of a late-stage prototype from last year”.

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