Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Guide to Choosing a Thoughtful Gift for your Boss

The holiday season is the perfect time to choose a gift for your boss. While the essence of gifting is to share holiday cheer, keep it in mind that you’re potentially treating your boss. You never know, by picking up a gift for your boss, you may even score major points with them.

If you’re not super close with them, it might be tough to figure out where to start. However, if you guys are BFFs, you definitely want to impress them with something thoughtful. Whatever the case may be, we have compiled a bunch of gift ideas that we think is appropriate as a gift for your boss.


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They can never have too many coasters! Especially if they’re obsessive about ring marks on their wood furniture. These marbled coasters are functional but decorative with or without a drink on them. 

Lunch Box with Utensils

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Sure, it’s not the most exciting present, but it’s definitely functional and nicer than their old Tupperware. You never know, pre-making lunch everyday might actually be fun if they have this box to pack it in.

Portable Mini Humidifier

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Another excellent gift for your boss is a mini humidifier. They’ll feel so much more refreshed with a mini humidifier by their desk area. Plus, it just looks so bougie.


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They’ll crack up as soon as they read the cover of this hilarious notebook. It says exactly what they think every time they leave the conference room. This is why it’s on our list of thoughtful gifts for your boss.

Scented Candles

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In our opinion scented candles are high on the list of thoughtful gifts for your boss. This is because most times, they might be a little high-strung about deadlines, assignments and meetings before the holiday break. So, having a soothing candle that smells like a crisp fall day will make them instantly relaxed. 

Smart Home Device

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Amazon’s newest version of its bestselling smart speaker has an improved sound and look. Whether they want to coordinate a smooth-sailing smart home experience or enjoy music out loud, the Echo Dot can keep up. You would definitely score some major points if you decide to pick this as a gift for your boss.

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Office Desk Accessory Organizers

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This is the perfect gift for a boss who’s meticulous about their desk space. An interlocking desk organizer to fit their papers, pens, pencils, clips, and everything else.


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Since it’s the holidays, send them a bottle of their favorite wine to unwind and chill during their gatherings/outings. It is considered a thoughtful gift this season

Gift Cards

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If you still don’t find anything worthwhile on this long list of gift ideas, then this is a final option. Purchase a gift card to your boss favorite store (if you know it). This way, you’re not stressing exactly about what to gift your boss. But at the same time, purchasing them a gift.

Most of the gift ideas on this list can be found on Amazon or at a local department store. We hope you find this list useful and go ahead to purchase a thoughtful gift for your boss.

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