Wednesday, July 28, 2021

8 Must-Watch TV Shows You Should Watch!

Must Watch Tv Shows

TV Shows to watch: Because of the pandemic, there’s not as much new content as usual. But there’s also still plenty enough to keep us occupied. Here’s a quick post to help you prioritize what TV shows you definitely should be watching

Cobra Kai (Netflix)

One of the Best New Shows of 2018, when it was on YouTube TV, is now on Netflix. Like Ted Lasso, it is the heartfelt, comfort TV we need right now. It’s not just nostalgia (although, there is some of that, too); Cobra Kai is also a terrific, underdog, crowd-pleasing character-driven story that you can binge in very short order.

Julie and the Phantoms (Netflix)

It sounds like Julie and the Phantoms is within the feel-good brand of television show that so many of us are currently seeking. “The series, which is based on a 2011 Brazilian show, is heartfelt, cheesy in the least cringey way possible. It is full of fantastic music and performances that will leave you tapping your foot and high from the sheer joy that the show brings to the table.”

The Boys (Amazon Prime)

The Boys is a Must watch TV Shows, Most folks don’t need a reminder to watch the second season of this series. But just in case, you are as high on the second season as the first, and I found it slow-going for a few episodes. It has picked up considerably in these last few weeks heading toward the finale.

Good Lord Bird (Showtime)

Starring Ethan Hawke, and based on the 2013 James McBride novel, Good Lord Bird is not that historiography of abolitionist John Brown that you might think. It’s funny and entertaining, and quick-paced, and heavily inspired by Mark Twain, Quentin Tarantino, and the Coen Brothers. I am absolutely adoring it.

Raised by Wolves (HBO Max)

The series started out as an intriguing mess, steadily improved for much of the season, and then totally shat the bed as it approached the end. It’s been renewed for another season, and I imagine I’ll continue to watch it (because it’s fairly entertaining even when it’s bad), but it’s not particularly good TV.

Duchess (Netflix)

I love Kathrine Ryan, and it’s a short, quick and funny series that I enjoyed immensely, but I think I may have been an outlier.

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Next (Fox)

I watched the pilot episode of the new Fox series out of loyalty to Mad Men’s John Slattery, and I’ll probably watch a few more, too, to see where it’s going. So far, it’s okay: It’s basically a show about an artificial intelligence software program that gets increasingly smarter and seems to be electronically killing off anyone who endangers its ability to continue doing so. It’s a network show so I don’t have any big hopes for it, but the pilot was modestly entertaining.

Woke (Hulu)

The Lamorne Morris comedy has a great premise and a strong cast, but after the pilot, it struggles to live up to its potential. It’s not as insightful, provoking, or funny as it should be, but it is intermittently entertaining (and it’s fun to see Rose McIver out of her iZombie makeup).

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