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10 Tips on how to achieve more in life

succeed more in life

Tips on how to achieve more in life, everyone has a goal and dream. Things they hope to achieve before the life clock stops ticking. Becoming a billionaire may be one of those things for someone out there. Well, I’m here to tell you it is achievable.

We already have billionaires traversing the world. So having you be the next one isn’t beyond reach. If that is your goal, then let me tell you; it’s going to take a while. Not just for this goal but almost everything takes time.

That’s why we have the word, …PROCESS. Yeah, people hate it since we focus on the ending/destination and pay little mind to the journey. So here’s a few things that can put you on track to achieve what you have insight;

Keep time

We have heard this all before but time is the key to a lot of things. So make the most of the time and use it effectively. Take time to plan, execute, brainstorm, relax. We need to look at time as an investment.

So we have to make it count. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go out there and work yourself for very long hours and you think everything will fall in place. To effectively use your time, you have to think about it along the lines of quality over quantity. Work smart, not hours.

Work Ethic

These are the values and principles that fortify your ideals of discipline in your work/workspace.  The things that make you and your work environment harmonious and progressive.

Such as; respect, attitude, communication, character, cooperation, teamwork and productivity amongst many others.

This helps draw boundaries but equally protects the work environment that in the long run fosters collective growth. As an individual, you should have a work ethic that is infectious but positive.

Body language

Now as a person, your aura should speak for you before you utter a single word. So how do you dress, how do you walk or stand, what is your posture (sitting and standing) communicating?? As much as we humans are “civilized”, the world is still in most ways a jungle.

So naturally, we size each other out before we communicate. So first impression (what we see) counts a whole lot. Be presentable depending on the situation and environment


This comes down to what you take in and put out. Ideally, it has to be predominantly positive. There is negative energy out there that can weigh you down. The road to success is never easy. So you have to be your self-powering battery.

Master your endurance and be in position to rally your team forward. Share that driving energy and spend it wisely. Pace yourself. If I may use athletes as examples. They have what they call gears.

The amount of energy they expend while running is measured. So they have to smartly use their energy to outrun their competition.


We can look at effort in terms of investment. Not monetary investment. We are looking at time, dedication, energy, passion. You have to put love into what you are doing so that it ceases to be work and becomes your passion. Sometimes you may have to put in the extra hours. In the long run, it will come full circle. We have to make sacrifices for what we want or what we want will becomes the sacrifice.


This is very key in pursuing goals and dreams. What is your attitude towards your work, your dreams, your goals? This should be considered your fuel that moves you towards achieving what you have set your mind to. With a negative attitude you won’t get far because no vehicle runs on empty. Your attitude helps you push on during the rough days, and I might that those are guaranteed. Your attitude determines the value of what you hope to achieve to you.


Here’s where the love comes in. Does your pursuit of what you dream to achieve make your heart race? I remember my mom once telling me her cooking was always superb because she poured her heart into it. I didn’t get the gist of this statement till much later but not too late. It comes down to help you truly enjoy what you are doing. It is through the passion that we can make our imaginations a reality. The best possible examples I can give that show the depth and great heights that passion can take you are from basketball. From Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, these greats run on passion. It took them the extra mile and enables them to effortlessly stand out and leave behind a trailblazer for a legacy.

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Willing to Learn

The pursuit for knowledge knows no end. In order to thrive, one has to be able to adapt. That means you have to be willing to unlearn, learn and then relearn. The business and life landscape is ever changing and ever evolving. For one to say in the game, you should always be on your toes. We live in an age where there is so much accessible information all around us but you just have to know what you are looking for. Keep learning because getting comfortable is a luxury you can’t afford; your competition won’t let you. The goal is to get knowledge so that you can work smart rather than work long hours.

Doing Extra

Christiano Ronaldo mindset. As one of the most revered football stars of our generation. He is the most empirical yardstick for the benefits of extra work. At the training, he is the first to arrive and the last to leave the grounds. He endeavored to go the extra mile to prepare himself for games. When we see him in action, he makes it look beautiful and effortless. That comes from the extra mile, extra hours, extra research he chose to put in. It literally put him ahead of most of his peers. You can go the extra mile to perfect your craft. Find your niche or strength and water it. Feed that flame so that it burns longer and brighter. It will get to a point where while everyone is at their limit, you still have some gas in your tank to push on. To be outstanding.

Being Prepared

This cannot be stressed enough or understated reasonably. Preparation helps you get accustomed to the things that may overwhelm you. Preparation makes you more aware, gives you a deeper understanding of the foreseen challenges. However, over preparation can also be time consuming. You focus to much on preparation and you end up delaying your intended action. It’s okay to prepare but you can never prepare enough. So be ready to adopt. That in itself is preparation too, for the unforeseen.

In a nutshell, you have the potential to achieve so much more but that takes discipline, devotion and clarity in intent. Saves you from stumbling about aimlessly. Be a purposeful arrow and hit your target.

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